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​"Da Juice"


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My Name is Joshua Staats from Amelia,VA! Lived there most of my life, now living in Missouri. Avid NASCAR fan, I've been a fan for as long as I can remember! I have a Video Blog called "Monster Minutes" here on the LegacyMaker Sports Network!

I will bring you a breaking down for week in Nascar. Sometimes I will give you some other Formula One and evening throw a little WWE in as well. Football is my second love! There's nothing else like it! #RAVENNATION

Quick Facts about "Da Juice"

Real Name: Joshua Staats

Nicknames: Da Juice Fluffy

Hometown: Amelia,Va

Biggest Sport Rival: Steelers

The one sport I can't live without:NASCAR

The athlete you are suppose to hate but secretly love: Tom Brady

The one sport I wouldn't notice if it disappeared: MLS

Favorite Sports Movie: The Blind Side

Best Year in My Sports Life: 2012 Ravens second Super Bowl win! Go Ravens!

Favorite Teams:

NFL - Ravens

MLB -Red Sox

NBA -Lakers

NCAAF -Va Tech

Favorite Athletes:

MMA -Chuck Lidell

NFL -Ray Lewis

MLB -Randy Johnson

NBA -Kobe Bryant

Nascar -Dale Earnhardt Sr. 

​WWE-Stone Cold Steve Austin

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