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What's up world! My name is Tyrone Montgomery Jr. I was born and raised in Richmond, VA. I reside in Chesterfield County. Meadowbrook Alumni Class of 2011. Stand Up! I was brought into this world on September 17th, 1993.

From the day I was born, my father gave me a stuffed basketball [🏀] . I slept with that ball every night growing up as a kid. Basketball has been my first love. I love all sports, but [🏀] is Life. I am a fan of the NFL as well, and my interest are increasingly growing in The MLB, NHL, and MLS.

Growing up in my teenage years, I never had the opportunity to play any sports for any of my schools. The most I ever did was basketball intramurals. There I showcased a bit of talent turning heads and getting a few oos and ahhs from all that was there.

Because I never played any organized forms of any sports, I always enjoyed talking about it. That talking evolved into writing about it. My High School Days is where all of this first begun. I always looked up to the late Stuart Scott and Craig Sager. I've always been a fan of Stephen A. Smith and Colin Cowherd, and fairly new to the game, Jalen Rose and David Jacoby on ESPN Radio. And that brings me here. The Legacy Maker Sports Network. I'm finally doing what I love to do and I consider it a dream come true. Proud to be a part of this team here and hope you all enjoy all that we have to offer.

Quick Facts about Tyrone

Real Name:
Tyrone Montgomery
TJ…. T Monty…. T-Money
Richmond, VA

Biggest Sport Rival:

The one sport I can't live without:

The athlete you are suppose to hate but secretly love:
Kobe Bryant/ Steph Curry

The one sport I wouldn't notice if it disappeared:

Favorite Sports Movie:
Glory Road

Best Year in My Sports Life:
The McNabb Era- NFL

Favorite athlete from my hometown:
Allen Iverson - (Hampton, VA)

Favorite Teams:

Philadelphia Eagles
New York Yankees
Philadelphia 76ers
Washington Capitals
(Men's & Women's) - VCU Rams
LA Sparks (Candace Parker)
Favorite Athletes:

Conor “The Notorious” McGreggor
Tom Brady/ Marcus Mariota/  Aaron Rodgers
Alex Rodriguez/ Aaron Judge/ Bryce Harper
LeBron James/ Allen Iverson/ James Harden

​WNBA - Candace Parker

Tyrone Montgomery



Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Phillies


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